My blog, titled Eroded Semantics, is where I post most of my content and is separate from my website. Click here if you'd like to visit my blog.

Projects & Work

Over the years I have worked on various projects using a wide variety of technologies all mainly in C or C++ and usually involving graphics and including a lot of 3D mathematics. Most of my work experience has been with graphics and graphics related frameworks, ranging from using an in house 3D engine to full integration with Unity. I've mainly been involved in rendering for mapping technology in 3D & 2D both. The SDKs I've worked on have been deployed to Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android giving me experience with GPU & graphics API limitations of all types of devices.

The following is a list shows some personal projects & university stuff I have worked on in the past:

  • Exokernel Async I/O (2016)
  • Kinect AR with FFD (2015)
  • Mesh based water simulation (2014)
  • Procedural Voxel Terrain (2014)
  • Deferred Rendering (2014)
  • Kinect Sine Wave Rendering (2013)

About Me

Vimmy Raina is an enthusiastic C++ programmer who is currently working in Scotland. Although he is familiar with a wide variety of langauges he is most passionate about C++. He mostly enjoys programming low level or library like components, often trying to deduce compiler optimization and changing code structure to best reflect that. As a programmer he always strives for high performance code, while trying to balance types and interfaces.

He likes to toy around with Human Interface Devices (HIDs) in his free time. Having tried the likes of Kinect, mobile controls and Raspberry Pi.

Normally, he likes watching movies and really enjoys going to random places and trying new and interesting things. Pizza is his favourite thing ever. He often spends evenings and even some weekends listening to music and trying some random programming things.

Vimmy is not very good at writing blogs, he tends to start quite a few of them, but doesn’t always end up finishing them.